Experience Counts

Whether you’re a school, college or university that outsources your IT support or has an internal IT team, we can develop a whole new IT for education strategy that is cost effective and focuses on enhancing the learning experience. We can work alongside your existing team or as your trusted education partner to introduce new products and services focused around solid infrastructure, security and cloud.

Website Development

Student and Parent Engagement
School impressions start online. So prospective parents how great your school is, engage with and get feedback from your community and communicate more effectively.


Awesome Design
We guide your though the process so you get the design you want. Starting with several template inspirations we can develop a website that matches your needs perfectly.


Ofsted Compliance
120 catagories in 21 sections. We ensure that every page is compliant, from updated to policies to staff lists.


Manage Your Online Presence

Visitors to your school have they first impressions set by your website. Great design, high quality information, OFSTED compliant and easy to navigate are just some of the many aspects when considering your website. We offer a range of services from compliance checking to complete redesign and everything in between.


Make the right investment

Is your network slow? Are your computers dated? Are your projectors not working? We know that IT upgrades can be a huge investment for a school and it is important to make sure that you get the best solution for your individual school. We can help with this process with advice, demostrations and sourcing of equipment.


Custom Software

Build It Your Way

Every school is different and requires different programs to help them work. Do you need a calander solution? A student survey? A spreadsheet that needs optimising to give you the data you need? Custom software gives you a personalised solution that matches your needs perfectly.


IT CPD Done Right

Do you need to train all your staff in a new program or just a single person on a new piece of software? We can provide a range of in-house training needs and also help you to source third party speakers that you know you can trust, ensuring great value for money for all staff CPD requirements.



Road Mapping

Planning Planning Planning!

We all know the success of a project is in the planning. Launching a new IT system can be tricky but we have experience in everything from implementing new managerment systems through to moving your entire system to the cloud and we can advise every step of the process. Scheduling, training, installation, let us take the stress out of IT projects.


Custom Learning Spaces

Designed to Inspire!

Designing a classroom is an important task. Get it correct and the learning improves, everything works and students have a great enviroment. Get it wrong and it leads to stress and increased costs. We have worked on multiple projects and we understand the unique needs of every classroom from budgets to teaching styles, everything needs to be considered.




Value for money

When it comes to IT purchasing it is always best to have multiple options. That is what we provide with our procuremnt service. Advice, multiple quotes and planning is all part of the service to ensure that when you buy IT you know you will be happy with the outcomes.