About SchoolAlert.Online

When an issue arises in the classroom it is important that support is there for staff. Many schools operate a call-out system but we have yet to see an effective implimentation that works for the school. After using various systems in schools we compiled a list of what we needed and built a tool to make schools run smoother.

Easy to Set-up

No logon requirement for staff so they can access the system quickly in an emergency

Multiple people can monitor the reporting tool and provide help

Extensive reporting tools help you identify paterns and key areas in your school

Works Everywhere

From Laptops to tablets and phones. SchoolAlert.Online adapts to your school.

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How are you supporting your staff effectively when they need help in the classroom?


You can send a detailed message

You cannot garantee that someone has received it

Send a Student:

Know the message as been received

Issue around students leaving the classroom care

Life Support:

Built into register systems (E.G. Sims)

No reporting systems available

How It Works

  • Teacher Makes a Call Out

    A teacher can log a call within seconds using the schools call-out page.

  • Callout List

    Teacher/Support Staff can see the call out and act appropriately.

  • Classroom Support

    Staff can comment on the call out to report back on the event.

  • Reporting

    Use the dedicated reporting system to spot trends and manage your school effectively.

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