What we do

We specialise in providing custom IT services to schools. Ranging from custom software, obtaining the correct equipement, advice and consultation on school visions and appropriate roadmapping and training. We have a vast experience of providing services for schools with a range of different needs and requrements from hardware to software, building programs to purchasing and installing large scale projects.



Leigh has spent over a decade at the forefront of education. From teaching in colleges and schools, to managing departments and always being involved in the IT systems within the schools that he has been based in. Leigh has developed a range of programs to aid the schools where he has worked and now puts his expertise into our company to aid more schools.

Leigh Snelson



  • Building a VLE

    While teaching Computer Science I had the need to use a VLE to track students but there was nothing that met my high standards. Therefore the only solution to build my own VLE to allow students to submit coursework, take online tests and access class work. The students loved it and the school found it very useful too!

  • New Website

    One summer project that landed on my shoulders was to redevelop the school website. This meant a complete rebuild from the ground up. Performing compliance checks, design work and training of support staff. The new website allowed a lot more communication to parents and improved the perception of the school.


  • Installation of a new MIS

    Moving to a new system within a school is tricky, especially moving away from a juggernaunt such as SIMS. Listing all the services that we would have to replace, weighing up the pros and cons and training the staff correctly meant that we could implement the move within just 3 months and provide a seamless experience for staff and students alike.


  • Network Upgrade

    Moving a server can be a major headache for any IT team however, when we were required to physically move a server in a school we planned it, made all the arrangement and then, over the weekend (Out of Hours) we made the move streamlining some of the network infrastructure in the process.

  • Custom Built Calender

    The school where I was working also had a need for a custom calendar which would allow staff to submit events, structure the title of the event to match the school format and then allow it to be verified before it went onto the school public calendar. This could then be limited to staff only, filtered by sports events, by year group or any number of other requirement. This specific set of requirements meant a custom build was in order.